On january 7th, 2019 I wrote goals for the future me, to be accomplished. Meeting my goals would be an amazing milestone for this school year, making my life better. My 8th grade year was amazing, advising you to always be kind and respectful to everybody.

My targeted goals were to to get More and New friends, better attitude, stress free, stay active, healthy and fit, travel out of the country, keep playing sports, and to be close with all my family.  My goal that i did not accomplish was traveling out of the country. It is a dream of mine, but may come later in my life memories.

My reflection on my infographic is suggested greatly to try this out. My Infographic helped me get through the school year. It reminded my what to shoot for, or how to be more kind. I really helped me get through the school year much quicker, having a good time.

Upcoming 8th graders should take this advice. I advise for you to respect your teachers and be kind to your peers. 8th grade has really shown me what life is going to be like when im older. Friends was a big milestone on my 8th grade year, I made about 10 new friends and had a great time. My school year of 2019 was the best one yet, but if you have a bad attitude nothing good is going to come out of it. Just remember treat others the way you would want to be treated.

United Way

United Way is a charity that receives donations and helps citizens. These donations go into Fundraising purposes, research and cures and health or well-being.

The Founders Backstory is that Frances Wisebart Jacobs, William J. O’Ryan, William S. Friedman, Myron W. Reed, Dean H, and Martyn Hart are all founders of United Way. Their ideas was to promote people’s safety, and improve the social health of people.  They also wanted to improve families potential through education, and encourage healthy lives. 

United Way helps in many ways, they use their donations multiple ways. Charity’s are 79 percent of their donations. 13 percent goes to fundraising (such as education purposes) and, eight percent goes to operation costs.

United Ways ongoing projects is called the “four bold goals.” They are “Reduce ER Visits due to drug overdoses to 1,000, Financially empower 11,000 people,  90% of APS high-schoolers graduating in 4 years, with 60% college/career ready65% of APS third-graders reading at or above grade level” United Way is constantly trying to help other people.

Citizens or supporters of United Way can help in many ways. “Victoria Adult Literacy Council”  Recruits and trains volunteer tutors who teach citizens literacy skills. Golden Crescent Habitat for Humanity” The help of many volunteers and contributors, has built almost 100 quality low cost homes for families here. they work in partnership with low income families. Cattan Recovery Outreach Center” provides supportive treatment for residents. 

United Way is truly a amazing success that helps an average 10 billion people per year. Yet they don’t do this by themselves, these accomplishments are greatly helped by donations and volunteers. Many people would be struggling a lot worse without the help of United Way.

Refugee Reflection

Illegal immigration and refugees are trying to enter the United States every day. The book refugee by Alan Gratz is a story all about that. It changed my mindset and thinkings of the refugees and immigrants, sometimes their life´s are horrible. I have learned a lot on reading this book, and yes this book is based on a true story.

This novel taught me very many things. How much a likes and dislikes we have in our lifestyles. Also some of the things they have to go through, like sometimes their own country bombs them, or they do not stop walking for three days straight. Maybe our country should step up and help these innocent people. Refugees get beaten and taken away and abused to death. They loose their families, and never get to see their siblings again. They are constantly on the run, never safe.

Refugee changed the way I think about immigrants forever. I used to think that we should not let any immigrant in our country. Yet this novel has changed my ways of thinking. The life they have to life is nothing compared to our life.  They have to travel incredible distances and walk through harmful country´s. We should be so thankful that we were born in this blessed country. I have heard very many false claims about immigrants, and I was hidden from the fact about how horrible their lives can be.

Now that I have read a realistic novel about immigrants and refugees, I feel like we should except them (as long as they dont have a criminal record). We should open our arms and allow these innocent people to seek freedom and love. We should except them and their religion into our country. We need to give these people freedom and safety.

Refugees have loosed their lives everyday trying to find freedom and safety. This novel taught me what kind of things happened to these people on a day to day basis. This book has changed my way of thinking about immigrants forever. This book really hit me hard and made me start thinking. These people do need serious help and we need to take action in their lives in a positive way.


Gender Issues

The Complication of gender issues are rapidly occurring. Should toy company’s  be restrained from targeting one gender? Boys and girls are separated by gender, but not by a mindset. Is advertising a toy for one gender appropriate? Some parents are suing company’s for offending them or their kids, and is there an advantage for selling toys for one gender?

Company’s have stopped putting a gender in a toy, they are starting to advertise any toy for females and males. Target stores are taking action in this issue, they are reconsidering their advertisement. According to www.thestar.com “Abi Bechtel, a mother of three, was shopping at Target two years ago when she spotted a sign in a toy aisle that advertised “building sets,” and, separately, “girls’’ building sets.” This proves that this company is doing this, and they need to take notice before more people get angry.  Company’s need to fix this problem for their customers, not just the money. Do you think this is a legit problem, or have you been offended?

Money can be a main reason to fix this problem, if companies start doing what people want they will buy from them. People being offended by companies won’t purchase things from them. So its simple if companies just start advertising a doll for boys and girls, people will want to buy from them. Or with a toy truck if they advertise a girl playing with it, people won’t get offended and they will feel comfortable buying that product.

Are their any disadvantages for trying to fix this problem? Little kids can be made fun of for having a “boy” or a ”girl” toy around their friends. Say some boys see this New sick toy dinosaur in a commercial, then they see a girl playing with it on the tv. They are going to think “Well if a girl is playing with it, I want no business playing with that toy.” So there is honestly no fix to this problem in my opinion, some girls then will be offended for being put in a commercial with a “boy” toy. Some people re just being too dramatic about this situation.

Companies are stuck in a pretty deep hole with this “gender” situation. There can be some advantages and, disadvantages with trying to fix this. Advertising for one gender can offend a handful of people, but others it doesn’t necessarily bother. One day is this might become a bigger problem.




Are you thankful for everything and everyone in your life? If your not, thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for your life. Such as family, memory moments, or funny moments.

My parents are a big impact on my life. They provide me many things that help me life a great life I live today. My parents are always caring for me and keeping me safe. They care for me because they love me, and I am very thankful for that. Who in your family are you thankful for?

Thanksgiving can be a very funny and humorous time for me. My family likes to play games and laugh throughout all Thanksgiving.  We have little cousins and my three year old niece doing funny things. They always like to play and run around the house. What is your thanksgiving like? Does your family have any special traditions?

Family and friends mean everything to me. I have some special memory moments with them, here are some. When my grandpa died at age eighty one, it was a very sad time for me and my family. That is a special memory moment I would love to remember and cherish. Some memory moments can be sad or a good time in my life. Do you have any memory moments?

You never know when you will loose something very important to you. This is why you must always be thankful when you have it, and love every second you have with it, or them. You should always be kind to people, and loving to others.

Helicopter Parents

Do your parents keep going through your phone or your personal things you have? Do they have a tracker on your car or your phone? Are your parents constantly on you about your grades in school and always telling you what to do? Do you want your parents to just leave you alone? Helicopter parents can be annoying, but at the same time good for you.

Helicopter parents can be a good thing at times. Parents that are constantly going through your things means they care and love you. They are trying to keep you out of trouble and keep you clean. If they are constantly worrying about your grades they want you to succeed and do good in life. Sometimes they can just get annoying. There can also be very negative effects to a kid when a parent is constantly going through your stuff, or bothering you about grades.

Some reasons why Helicopter Parents are bad, according to inc.com, “Intrusive parents often worry excessively about their kids health, and provide constant reminders about what to do. Studies show in the absence of those constant reminders, helicopter kids don’t care for their bodies.” This proves that if you’re parent is constantly on you about you’re medicine some kids just will forget or not care. Another fact according to inc.com is, “students who were raised by helicopter parents are more likely to be depressed. They also report less satisfaction with their lives overall.” Kids that are raised by helicopter parents can be stressed, and that might be a driving problem to bad grades.

Other studies show helicopter parents can also be good at times. As reported by goodtherapy.org, “They grow up with a sense of security, knowing a framework is around them.” This shows us that some kids feel like they are getting cared for when parents do this. Teens can feel like their parents care and love for them. Confirming to wect.com, “The world wide market for sex trafficking is 11 to 14 year old middle schoolers and early high school.” You never know when someone bad is somehow tracking you. Parents check for these things when they go through your phone. They are trying to keep you safe.

I think parents should check through their kids things once a month at the most. If you are constantly going through your kids things they have no personal space. Parents that go through their kids things are just trying to keep them safe and they care for them.

Parents go through your things because they love and they care for you or they are just being nosey. Sometimes if a parent is doing this to much this can cause a kid stress. Should parents be doing this?



Red Ribbon Week

Did you know, about 208 Million people use illegal drugs in the United States? About 80,000 people die a year from drug use also. Drugs are very bad for you and can kill you, or hurt you badly. Fortunately I have not been affected by drugs in any way. I am very blessed that I am not addicted to drugs, and my family. Every night I pray for people that have been affected by drugs. I am very blessed and thankful that drugs have not affected me. You never know what is going on in their life out of school, that is why you should always be kind and loving to other people.

Some interesting facts are, 16 million people have got hospitalized from smoking related diseases in the United States. Another fact is 39% of American Adults use Tobacco products on a day by day basis. About 45% of teens said they have tried tobacco products or used drugs. Teens are slowly using more and more drugs per day.

Here are some ways you can quit that addiction and never use that product ever again. If you are getting peer pressured to use a Tobacco product, or a illegal drug walk away. One of the main reasons why teens have tried bad products like drugs is because of peer pressure.  If you have to stand up for yourself, do it do not be afraid.  Another way to get off that addiction is, talking about it to a adult. Do not talk about your problems to someone you do not trust. If you be honest, they can get you help, there is always a way.

Red Ribbon week is very important to our school. Our health classes put posters up across the school about to not do drugs, and how they are unhealthy for you. Doing drugs can take you in the wrong direction in life quick.

Character Analysis

 I am revising a two characters, their names are Owen and Beth. They are fictional characters in a book called Story Thieves. Owen and his Friend Beth, jump into books and watch and sometimes have fun with it. But sometimes they can get caught up in a ton of trouble, Like for example, changing the stories. 

 Owen and Beth are too different characters, Owen characteristics are impatient, outgoing, and kinda stupid. Owen can make some pretty stupid mistakes. Beth’s characteristics are nervous, smart, and quick tempered. Owen always gets on her nerves, she also can be pretty nervous at times. 

  Some things that motivate Owen’s actions are, he wants to be the saviour of the Magister. He wants to be known throughout the world. Beth’s actions are motivated by her dad, she has lost her dad in a book and she is determined to find him one day. Her and her mother are very sad to not have their dad with them.

  Some events that have changed Owen throughout the story are, at the beginning he wanted to jump into every book and do whatever he wanted, he wanted to take things and play with the story. But you can’t do that Owen has learned, if you change a story people will notice and they will report the problem. Then people will realize that some how, some there is magic, and that cannot happen. Owen does not care, Beth takes Owen into his favorite book not knowing Owen will soon trick her, and he will save his favorite character from being captured. Owen smacked the character with a wooden 4 by 4 and killed him. He saved his favorite character and soon makes the mistake of telling the character that he is fake and in a book, made up by a person on pages. The Magister (Owen’s favorite character) and the Magisters sidekick Keil lock Owen up in a jail in a magical jail with nothing around him or with him. Now Owen is stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do or no way to help Beth.

 Beth has made a huge mistake teaching owen how to magically jump into books. This has changed her. Towards the beginning of the story Beth’s dad was upstairs hiding from anybody at Beth’’s Birthday party. Beth told everyone to make sure to not buy books for her presents, because if a book is opened around Beth’s dad he flies into it. And without listening, one parent bought her a book. Now Beth is searching for her dad. Something else that’s terribly gone wrong is that the Magister put this magical dust in her head to do whatever they ask and answer a question fully correct. The Magister and Keil ask if Beth can take them into the real worlds and into the Author’s house. Beth does exactly what they ask. When she comes to full consciousness the Majister and Keil have her locked up in the authors huge house. Not letting her or Owen be free.

Truth Behind a Disney Story!

  The truth about these Disney stories will ruin your childhood. When I was a kid I loved these stories or movies. But now, I am getting second thoughts if I should have watched or read these stories. These facts are kinda weird and awkward.

  My favorite book from my childhood was Tangled. When I was little my mom would read this book to me before bed. I used to remember everything about the book. I  was in love with Tangled! One day I wished to read this story to my children. But these facts ruined it for me.

  The story Tangled has some creepy facts behind it. Here are a couple, According to huffpost.com, in the original story Rapunzel gets knocked up by the prince before they try to escape. that’s way too inappropriate for kids to be reading these! Another fact is, The evil sorceresses found out, then they cut off Rapunzel’s hair and throw her in the wilderness. The prince shows up to see her and finds trails of her hair leading to say that he will never see her again. Since he was depressed he jumped out her window blindfolded in despair, commiting suicide.

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